If its easy it’s probably not Pilates

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I have been returning to some very simple mat Pilates movements in my own practice recently and of course this then flows out into my teaching. This attention to detail also applies to many studio equipment exercises and it makes such a huge difference to some exercises that you can sometimes coast through. There’s a […]

Pilates Changes Your Body II

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I’m not much one for posting gratuitous selfies, but I had to grit my teeth and post this little beauty, no photoshop my foot really is that gorgeous! A short while ago for some reason I had a good look at my feet and was horrified to see the left one was developing a bunion. […]

Modern Life Is Killing Us

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OK, a bit overly dramatic but there is mounting evidence that the sedentary lifestyles that many people lead today is contributing to the multitude of diseases that wreck our quality of life and can prematurely end it. There are moments in every day when you could be a little bit more active but many chose […]

Barefoot Shoes

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As an osteopath I’m constantly warning women of the strain high heeled shoes put on your body. The bony architecture of the ankle is at it’s least stable when your ankle is plantar flexed in a high heel and then you have to support your body weight with an altered centre of gravity on this […]

Defining Pilates

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Beautifully written as always and love how it all comes back to movement not exercise. If Mr Pilates thought we were becoming too sedentary in the 30’s and 40’s it’s a real shame not enough people were listening as those habits are now more and more ingrained.

Why I love the Pilates bridge

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The bridge is one of my favourite Pilates exercises for many reasons. It combines the need for strength, stability and mobility and has so many variations you can keep it both interesting and challenging for clients. The exercise can act as a diagnostic tool that can then inform the next exercise in your sequence. The […]

Pilates changes your body

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Sometimes the most satisfying progressions clients make are not the attention grabbing ones like doing an exercise that they previously struggled with, but where you can appreciate how much Pilates has changed them. One of my clients was so tight in her hip flexors when she first lay done on the reformer with her feet […]