Pilates & Chronic Low Back Pain

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Not all pain is mechanical: Many people are advised by their doctors or physical therapists to try Pilates as they are aware that it can really help manage low back pain. Within the therapeutic community there have been numerous models and theories of how and why back pain strikes and many of these relate to […]

Barefoot Shoes

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As an osteopath I’m constantly warning women of the strain high heeled shoes put on your body. The bony architecture of the ankle is at it’s least stable when your ankle is plantar flexed in a high heel and then you have to support your body weight with an altered centre of gravity on this […]

Pilates changes your body

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Sometimes the most satisfying progressions clients make are not the attention grabbing ones like doing an exercise that they previously struggled with, but where you can appreciate how much Pilates has changed them. One of my clients was so tight in her hip flexors when she first lay done on the reformer with her feet […]