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I am Jon Hawkins, a former osteopath who has a passion for helping people to rediscover freedom of movement and strength through Pilates. The exercises as Joseph Pilates intended them to be taught are a workout. In every movement you are challenged by the equipment or gravity to lengthen out from the centre of your body. Thus every exercise becomes a whole body experience, not just isolating a few muscles and working them to exhaustion. Familiarity and proficiency build flow into the workout making the original system truly dynamic.

Back Pain

Pilates is wonderful exercise if you have low back pain. The equipment provides a supportive environment for you to learn how to move your body pain free. Much current research is geared towards the fact that our bodies experience wear and tear but this does not directly correlate to whether we will experience pain, which is a far more complex process. In allowing you to move without pain Pilates helps to bombard the nervous system with positive signals and takes away the fear of moving that many back pain clients experience.


Pilates is great exercise to help you prepare to deliver your baby as your body will go through many changes and the low impact but still challenging method helps build strength and stability. The exercises can also easily be adapted to meet your changing needs as your pregnancy progresses. After the happy event your body again has to cope with what are this time around more rapid changes and again Pilates is wonderful exercise to help you. As I run a private studio you are welcome to bring your baby to your lesson without fear of disturbing anyone else.

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What my clients are saying…

After experiencing lower back and hip pain, I was advised to start Pilates.
Several Pilates teachers were recommended however I found Jon’s additional osteopathy qualification reassuring.
My experience with Jon has been nothing but positive, it was helpful that he was able to understand completely my hip/back issues and has been able to individually tailor my program likewise. Within weeks my pain had diminished considerably and three months in my posture is much improved and I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt.
My husband has been so impressed that he too has taken up Pilates with Jon and we often have a duo session together!


“I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt” Kay M

I am prone to exaggeration but not in this case – Jon has changed my life!

I hadn’t exercised for years and my body told the story – within a matter of months of one to one Pilates sessions with Jon, my body shape has changed and I am much more toned and supple. I stand-up straighter than I ever have (I have a mild scoliosis) and for the first time in my adult life I can touch my toes!

Jon is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about Pilates and, when you combine this with his Osteopath training, the result is spectacular.  He doesn’t believe that ‘one size fits all’, and adapts exercises where needed to ensure maximum benefit.  The sessions are relaxed and fun whilst still achieving goals.

My training sessions with Jon have made so much difference to me, and I highly recommend him.


Jon has changed my life Amanda Berry, OBE. CEO BAFTA

I have been working with Jon the last three months and have noticed a real difference in my lower back pain (gone), my posture (much improved) and now I am able to run without pain. When I started seeing Jon, my lower back pain was intense, I could barely stand up straight and within a couple weeks, I was back to my old self. Jon is very good at making adjustments based on your ability and your fitness while getting you to the next level. I look forward to continuing to work with him.

Within a couple of weeks I was back to my old self Sara C

I started off doing Pilates with Jon having tried pretty much everything for my persistent knee pain. I have tried Pilates in the past but hadn’t really followed through having a) not noticed a real difference b) not felt challenged enough. Having played a lot of sports at a younger age and taken my knee pain as simply a genetic problem or a given I was expecting to make just slight improvements and just live with my knee pain. Having done Pilates with Jon the improvements have definitely not been slight but very much great improvements. I decided to start playing netball again and I noticed the improvements in my game – jumping higher, landing without pain and even general fitness (using breathing techniques from Pilates). I would fully recommend Jon – not only because you will see major improvements but his general approach to teaching Pilates is calming and reassuring – challenging you slowly and actually seeing the results everyday!

Seeing the results every day Olu O

I had never done a Pilates class before in my life and I haven’t looked back since.

Four months in to my classes I fell pregnant but that didn’t stop me. Throughout almost my entire pregnancy I maintained two classes per week, I believe this greatly contributed to the fact that I have had a really good pregnancy which has so far been absent of any aches / pains / sickness etc.

I had the pleasure of training with Jon Hawkins and his support has been absolutely invaluable and much appreciated. Jon has kept me active / flexible and motivated as I have ‘grown’ and helped me to understand just what I could and could not do with a ‘baby on board’ – always ensuring he adapted the exercises for me and never making me feel like I was disrupting the ‘normal’ classes.

As I enter the 12 day countdown until due date I am feeling very strong, focussed and ready for labour – I attribute this in the large part to my fantastic experience. I can’t thank him enough and look forward to returning post-baby.

I am feeling very strong focussed and ready for labour Louise Gordon

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