About Jon

Jon Hawkins Pilates teacher and former osteopath

Jon was hooked on Pilates after his first lesson and is keen to inspire the same passion in all of his clients.

After graduating from the British School of Osteopathy earning a Batchelor of Osteopathy degree and passing the clinical exams required to register with the General Osteopathic Council learning about Pilates has furthered Jon's existing belief that movement is one of the most important keys to health.

After certifying with Polestar Pilates Jon continues to take further education with many well respected teacher trainers. This can range from day long workshops to full programmes of study, such as the immersion in the work of Pilates Elder Kathleen Stafford Grant via the sixteen day long Heritage Training Programme®. Jon is an eternal student and always looks forward to learning more and passing the benefits on to his clients. The more he learns about Pilates as Joseph Pilates intended it to be taught the more simple Jon's teaching has become as some of the concepts that have been bolted on to the method that are often confusing to new clients are stripped away. The exercises become more about efficient movement and less about complicated choreography.

Therefore all ages and all abilities are taught in his private studio.

In 2016 Jon decided to cease to be registered and practice as an osteopath and is dedicated to developing his Pilates studio and is currently an apprentice on the Romana's Pilates teacher training programme, one of the most respected and thorough courses in the industry.

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