This is how we roll

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am pimping my ride! The more I study Pilates the more I realise how much the type of studio equipment really contributes to the whole experience. In the UK the cost of importing equipment from some suppliers is prohibitively high and so we have more limited choices than our US colleagues. […]

Pilates is a Method or How My Ugly Duckling Became a Beautiful Swan

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I have been a fan of the US Pilates instructor Kathi Ross-Nash for quite some time and last Sunday attended some of her London workshops. One of the many things that Kathi does so well is to illustrate her expansive knowledge of the Pilates method by seeing the connections between the different exercises on different […]

Introduction to the Reformer

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When most people first see a reformer 90% of the time they comment “Oh my God! What is that? It looks like a medieval torture rack!” Personally I think it looks like the love child of a medieval torture rack and a 1970’s rowing machine. Looks aside it’s a really simple but incredibly versatile piece […]

Heel Pain

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I recently had the joy of heel pain due to tendonosis of my achilles tendon, which is essentially the tendon degrading. Oh the joys of getting older. Thankfully exercise is very effective for this condition, particularly eccentric loading where the muscle slowly lengthens under load. The solution was calf raises on the affected foot, using […]

When Pilates Goes Wrong

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I’m a huge Pilates Anytime fan because I can take a class with some of the best teachers in the world whenever I want. However slick the videos are this little holiday gift shows what happens behind the scenes. Merry Christmas!

The studio is taking shape

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I can not believe that I have owned this beautiful Centerline Pilates studio equipment for nearly three weeks  and only got the opportunity to jump onto it yesterday.  When you move into an old house with “character” it takes up a lot of your time. The studio is now ready and the rest of the […]

If its easy it’s probably not Pilates

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I have been returning to some very simple mat Pilates movements in my own practice recently and of course this then flows out into my teaching. This attention to detail also applies to many studio equipment exercises and it makes such a huge difference to some exercises that you can sometimes coast through. There’s a […]

Pilates Changes Your Body II

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I’m not much one for posting gratuitous selfies, but I had to grit my teeth and post this little beauty, no photoshop my foot really is that gorgeous! A short while ago for some reason I had a good look at my feet and was horrified to see the left one was developing a bunion. […]