The Overhead exercise on the Reformer. A Pilates exercise requiring a great degree of strength and control.

The Universal Reformer – Your Teaching Assistant

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Like many other Pilates teachers I was very excited to hear that Benjamin Degenhardt would be coming to the UK to teach some workshops and swiftly booked my place. The workshops I would be attending were going to explore probably the most iconic of all Joseph Pilates’s inventions the Universal Reformer. In the morning we […]

Modern Life Is Killing Us

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OK, a bit overly dramatic but there is mounting evidence that the sedentary lifestyles that many people lead today is contributing to the multitude of diseases that wreck our quality of life and can prematurely end it. There are moments in every day when you could be a little bit more active but many chose […]

Barefoot Shoes

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As an osteopath I’m constantly warning women of the strain high heeled shoes put on your body. The bony architecture of the ankle is at it’s least stable when your ankle is plantar flexed in a high heel and then you have to support your body weight with an altered centre of gravity on this […]