Pilates: A Workout For Your Nervous System

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The nervous system is in charge of amongst many other things our movements and as such has to be adaptable to meet all the challenges that are thrown at us. Pilates is often described as a mind/body exercise regimen as it requires concentration, which is especially important when you are attached to or balancing off […]

The Overhead exercise on the Reformer. A Pilates exercise requiring a great degree of strength and control.

The Universal Reformer – Your Teaching Assistant

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Like many other Pilates teachers I was very excited to hear that Benjamin Degenhardt would be coming to the UK to teach some workshops and swiftly booked my place. The workshops I would be attending were going to explore probably the most iconic of all Joseph Pilates’s inventions the Universal Reformer. In the morning we […]

Cat Stretch

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The Cat Stretch is a pre-Pilates mat exercise. The aim is to lengthen and mobilise your spine at the same time. Movement will hydrate the discs between your vertebrae and concentrating on length will avoid over compression and stretch. Always check with a medical professional if you have any health issues before starting any exercise.

Pilates Bridge Variations

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The Pilates Bridge has been one of my favourite exercises for a long time as it is all about building strength and encouraging a long decompressed spine. This video shows a few variations. Remember these exercises are for a healthy back, please consult your physician for advice before beginning any exercise if you are in […]

Pilates & Chronic Low Back Pain

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Not all pain is mechanical: Many people are advised by their doctors or physical therapists to try Pilates as they are aware that it can really help manage low back pain. Within the therapeutic community there have been numerous models and theories of how and why back pain strikes and many of these relate to […]

Pilates the Bunion Buster

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Pilates for your Feet Its not all about abs and buns of steel you know actually it kind of is but we will get to that later. Here’s an update on my blog from last year concerning how I was going to deal with a developing bunion. Apologies to those of you who don’t like […]

Somebody Finally Loves Stomach Massage…

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… as much as I do. “You know what? I really like stomach massage. I didn’t at first but now I really do.” This client’s comment during his last session was music to my ears. You might have got the gist by now that I really love Pilates and I want all my clients to […]

Pilates is a Method or How My Ugly Duckling Became a Beautiful Swan

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I have been a fan of the US Pilates instructor Kathi Ross-Nash for quite some time and last Sunday attended some of her London workshops. One of the many things that Kathi does so well is to illustrate her expansive knowledge of the Pilates method by seeing the connections between the different exercises on different […]

Resist the Slump!

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Have you ever caught yourself sinking into the sofa as if it’s eating you? The more I teach and practice Pilates the more I start to become aware of my day to day posture and times when I get caught off guard and let myself slump. Why is this so bad? Well, we only get […]